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Williamsburg Community Chapel

Ministry Partners

Join the movement of churches in our communities who are investing in hope for children and families.

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Families Need the Church

Meet local needs today

Why the Church

The Church is the Bride of Christ

Commissioned as an extension of His loving kindness and compassion to provide care and nurture to hurting people, the Church is uniquely embedded in neighborhoods and communities around the globe with people of all different gifts and capacities to do through Her what only God can do — restore hope. And when it comes to isolated and vulnerable children and families, there’s no other organization on the face of the planet more capable of wrapping people in hope than this radiant Bride of Christ - the Church!

Attaining Racial Equity

Entrusted Training Cohorts + Conference

Trauma Competency Education

Emergency Resources

Diaper Distribution


Find ways your church can get involved to help create a future where children and families thrive.

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Responding Churches commit to
responding to a minimum of one
request a month. Responses can be
prayer, provision of practical items
or services, a meal, or more. Most
Responding Churches choose to provide diapers and utilize our CarePortal platform or other means to best facilitate responding to needs.

2  —


Advocating Churches do what
Responding Churches do but move
one step further by identifying
needs within their own church and
their extended community and
collaborate to build circles of
support around identified

vulnerable children and families.

3 —


Connecting Churches pick up from
the Advocating Church role and
help connect other area churches
to the network of support for
vulnerable families to more
efficiently and more consistently
provide on-time support to children

and families in crisis.

More Than Enough

Children and families experiencing foster care in your community can go from not enough to more than enough with your help.


By 2025, we're looking for 40 local church partners to step up to provide more than enough. Whatever that looks like in the context of your church, we're here to help you take the next step.