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1 in 2 families (47%) is currently experiencing diaper need. This puts children at risk of severe health concerns, increased parental job insecurity, and contributes to housing, familial, and social instability. And state services rarely make provisions for diapers, but when they do, it's ofter a forced choice between putting food on the table or buying diapers.

Each month we distribute approximately 20,000 diapers to almost 200 children. Each child receives a month's worth of diapers. This program gives significant financial margin to families who are having to choose between food, rent, and clean diapers.

Your church, business, school, or civic organization can host a diaper drive. Click below to get started.

Host a diaper drive

Diaper Need Data Sheet (revised 2023)
Download PDF • 5.56MB

Diaper Distribution


Amount Funded

Babies without clean diapers are exposed to more potential health risks and less likely accepted to daycares, leaving parents unable to attend work.

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