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Empathy Stirs Us to Action

When’s the last time you cared deeply about something?

What motivated that deep care?

Chances are, the thing you cared deeply about came from the awareness of an issue that affects someone you’re close to, maybe even yourself.

What was your response?

In most cases, where you felt empowered to do so, you did something about it. You shared the story. You gave a financial gift. You took food or visited someone.

Whatever it was, it was more than just a feeling. That feeling moved you to act on the behalf of the person in need.

That’s what empathy does. It moves us to act.

And it’s precisely why James exhorts us to put action to our faith (James 2).

For me, there are times when I fall into a numb sort of complacency. When I see the overwhelming suffering of the world and I just feel helpless to do anything beneficial. It’s in these seasons where often, the Holy Spirit through the mouthpiece of the people in my life, will point my attention to someone near me who I can help; a man on the corner asking for food, a child who needs a bed, a family who needs shelter.

Helping that one is the action I can take.

I can move in closer, I can listen, I can learn, I can give, I can serve, I can advocate. Because now, this person I helped is no longer a stranger, but a fellow human working out what it means to live in this world, just like me.

This person is now my brother, my friend, my family.

This person matters to me. Their need is my need. Their cause is my cause.

“Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

So I will take action on their behalf. And I will invite you to take action with me. And you’ll invite someone to take action with you. And our actions combined start a movement that changes society and restores what’s broken in the world.

Because a movement is just one action, faithfully executed, one person at a time.


Stay with us throughout the month of November for our TEAM series as we explore the values of Teachability, Empathy, Action, and Movements.

Giving Tuesday is on November 28, 2023. Add it to your calendar and make plans to give your most generous gift on this, our biggest Give Day of the year!


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