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ECHO Family Care Partners

This year we served an average of 227 families every single month, providing diapers and other basic needs, and preventing 88% of children from entering the foster care system.

Stable Families

We added two new Trauma Certified Practitioners to our team and delivered more than 2200 hours of trauma competency training and education sessions to caregivers, medical professionals, law enforcement, educators, church ministry leaders and volunteers across 8 different states.

Trauma Competencies

In 2023, our network of church response teams increased by 9%, reaching into two new cities and expanding within targeted high-impact communities.

Engaged Communities

Key Impact Areas

Children are safer when families have what they need. Unfortunately, 76% of children in foster care are there for solvable, poverty related issues. And in our community, more than 20% of children are living below the poverty line. Our stability programs collaborate with local churches to ensure families are connected to a caring community who is ready to stand in the gap for families facing economic and social insecurities.

Stable Families


Diapers distributed to vulnerable children


Services delivered to families


Prevented from needing foster care intervention


Hours of training delivered


New Certified Trauma Practitioners


Training sessions to 570 participants

Material items are a good start, but we want to empower caregivers and providers with the skills to understand the unique needs of children with traumatic histories, give children the grace of our unhurried presence, and help them heal. Through our Trauma Competencies, we delivered nine in-person sessions, twelve virtual sessions, and hosted the Entrusted Conference with seventeen breakout and main session opportunities for education and personal development.

Trauma Competencies


Churches engaged in our network


Localities served across the Coastal Virginia area


Families connected to at least one network church


Economic value provided by network churches

Most of the time when a family is experiencing a chronic gap in resources, it's not a resource problem... it's an isolation problem. Chronically isolated families are the most at-risk of fracture. But when churches step in to provide connection, families move from crisis to stability and are able to lean on the social capital of their new community to help move them toward independence.

Engaged Communities


We envision a day where no family is left in isolation to suffer under the impacts of poverty. Our community has everything needed to care for and stabilize lonely families. Each of our 300+ local churches is strategically located throughout the Greater Hampton Roads area and equipped with every skillset and resource that hurting families need. And our team of donors and volunteers are the fuel and power house behind these grassroots efforts. When we mobilize this movement, we believe we will see no more lonely families.

Working with ECHO has completely changed the way we do things. They're now part of our process for finding community support and resources for families and children. It's to the point I don't know how we'd function if they weren't part of our workflow.


Social Worker

It’s like you have this super power to somehow anticipate what I need before I can ask for it.


Kinship Caregiver

It’s such an honor to support what you’re doing for families in our community. This work is so important and we’re thankful for you all giving so selflessly to children. Wish we could do more!



Just Look What You've Done!

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