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ECHO Family Care Partners

Community Details

Currently, this is the number of children living separated from their parent(s), waiting, hoping, and praying for the day they can be together again.


Local Children in Foster Care


Waiting for Adoption

Many children are reunited, but on average about a third don't and an alternate permanency plan is pursued with the goal of finding a forever family.


Active Foster Homes

There is almost always a deficit of good foster homes open and active for children who need them.


Never Find Family

Each year, some youth will age out of the foster system without ever finding a permanent family.


Calls to Child Welfare

Each month, local Child Welfare fields, assesses, investigates, and substantiates reports of child abuse and neglect.

The general population of Hampton is 137,148 with a childhood poverty rate of 23.7%.

There are 115 churches inside this region. Of those, 5 are active in our network and 2 are utilizing CarePortal.

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