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80% of children in foster care locally are Black or brown.

In Hampton and Newport News

The general population is approximately 50% white and 50% Black. But in foster care, the racial disparity is tragic.


of all Black children will experience a child welfare investigation


number of Black children will be removed from their parents and placed into foster care compared to white children.


more likely to have their legal relationship with their parent or parents terminated than white children

Time to Make it Right

Black and brown families continue to suffer tremendous losses in attempts to fully participate in American society. Biased systems and policymakers deal unjustly when it comes to opportunities for family autonomy. This disparate handling of Black families in the child welfare system is where we must start if we ever hope to make it right. 

Learn what we're doing to address this.

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Attaining Racial Equity

Families of color in Coastal Virginia are 40% more likely to be impacted by foster care than their white neighbors.

Downtown Newport News

Empower the People

Community Resource and Asset Mapping

A resource is only helpful if it's discoverable and accessible. So many resources in underserved communities go untapped simply because most of the people who need them can't get to them. In collaboration with the Sociology Department at Christopher Newport University, our Community Mapping Project aims to eliminate this barrier by using community members to source data into a managed and accessible mobile app. And where technology itself is a barrier, a community outreach liaison will provide printed directories updated monthly and work with public and private providers to secure reliable access to information.

Ferguson Cares

Howmet Aerospace Foundation

Truist Foundation

Financial Support

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Rapid Access to Resources

Resources aren't helpful if you don't know about them or can't get to them. We aim to change this with our RADAR mobile web and desktop app. This way you ensure whatever you need is within reach and always on your radar!

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