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ECHO Family Care Partners

It may seem simple, but things like beds, dipaers, strollers, socks, and pajamas can mean the difference between a child entering foster care and a family staying together. And when foster care is necessary, these things can provide a path for siblings to remain together in a safe, stable foster placement.

We keep our Emergency Resource Room stocked with twin bed frames and mattresses, cribs and crib mattresses, car seats, strollers, diapers, pajamas, socks, and hygiene items for all ages and genders.

Here's how it works:

  1. A social worker learns about a need from a family

  2. The social worker submits a request via online form

  3. ECHO's Resource Manager confirms we have the items in stock and arranges for the items to either be delivered by a member of our Resource Delivery Volunteer Team, or picked up by the social worker or family member.

In situations where we don't have the items in stock, we coordinate with our local network of partner churches to resource the need and provide direct care to the family who needs them.

Emergency Resources


Amount Funded

Every day across our communities, more than 300 children are facing a crisis that threatens to fracture their family. Our Emergency Resources Program makes available essential items and services to bring rapid stability to families.

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