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Statement of Faith

ECHO Orphancare Partners is an organization motivated by our faith in God and driven by

directives in Scripture to care for vulnerable people. As such, we ascribe to a set beliefs that

serve to shape our worldview. This worldview is distinctly and historically Christian in tone and

in structure. Below is a list and brief description of these beliefs to which we firmly hold.


Truths that Shape Us

God is the Creator of All Things...

and has identified mankind as His special creation by creating every human in the image of God. This distinction assigns the highest value to every human life, from the pre-born to the eternal, and requires our active dedication to showing honor to every human being.

Man’s Sinful Desire to Be God-like Only Serves to Separate Us from God

God’s desire for us to be in relationship with Him demands our proper recognition of His sovereignty. We cannot usurp God’s position and expect to remain in right relationship with Him.

God’s Compassionate Desire for Us Has Made a Way to Reconcile Us

Our efforts to be God broke our relationship with God, but in His mercy He sent a way through His Son Jesus to restore our relationship with Him. In fact, Jesus is the only way to be reconciled with God the Father.

Jesus is the Embodiment of God With Us

God has always made strides to be with His people, but His incarnation in the Person of Jesus is the most personal expression of His love for us.

The Holy Spirit Indwells, Empowers, and Enlivens Reconciled Humanity

Jesus left His essence in the earth by making a home in the hearts of believers. The Holy Spirit of God works in us to conform us into the image of Christ and empowers us to carry on the work of Christ in the world.

The Church is the Bride and Embodiment of Christ

The gathered and united collection of believers works diligently to reflect the heart of Jesus in everything she does. Among other things, the Church is charged with providing care to the needs of the vulnerable until His return at the culmination of our hope.


Doctrines that Compel Us


Jesus is the physical embodiment of the Godhead. He came in the form of a human to take on our suffering and provide the way back to the Father. (John 1)


God looks on humanity with a heart to do us good. Likewise, believers should take this view of the world, prioritizing care for the marginalized and overlooked. (Matt. 25)


Our relationship with God changed in the Garden of Eden, but through Jesus, mankind can be reconciled to our Creator. Jesus also has given to ministry of reconciliation to all believers. (2 Cor. 5)


Once alienated from our Heavenly Father, we were enslaved to another, but Jesus bought us back, redeeming us as a kinsman, restoring our right to be called children of God. (Gal. 4)


Human isolation is a deadly weapon wielded by our adversary which has destroyed too many. We are created for community; to belong to one another. This need is addressed by God first, in His declaration that His people belong to Him (Isa. 44) and restated by the apostles (1 Pet 2).


In His wisdom, God has uniquely equipped and gifted individuals and corporate groups to take on efforts necessary for the advancing of His Kingdom. These differences should be embraced and celebrated as we work enmeshed in His commissioning. (Rom. 12)


Our God extends beyond the existence of time and has embedded the desire for eternity with Him within the human heart. (Eccl. 3)

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